Golf Course Construction Services

Golf Course Construction Services

Complete Golf Course Renovations

Revitalize courses that have been worn down by time! Hollembeak pairs with architects to bring aging features back to life. Normal wear and tear can take a toll on any course, but we can give you the lift you need to look brand new again. Pump up your rises. Redefine your bunkers. Terraform your tees. We can do all of that and more.


Hollembeak Construction offers conventional golf course drainage as well as conveyor trenching and passive capillary drainage.

Conveyer Trenching

Hollembeak Construction offers fast, economical 2” and 4” conveyor trenching with minimal cleanup. The 2” pipe is backfilled with sand/peat mixes for optimal surface drainage. The 4” pipe is backfilled with gravel/sand/peat mixes. These are low-impact, fast-draining installations. As always, Hollembeak Construction is able to provide all necessary personnel to complete the job but is willing to work with your employees to help reduce costs.

We utilize cost-effective, high-speed trenching and provides automated laser control for accurate slope. We maintain a clean process that results in minimal turf disruption and reduces labor costs.

Our conveyor trenching is ideal for:
  • Fairways
  • Approaches
  • Tees
  • Roughs
  • Anywhere else poor drainage is a concern

PC Drainage

Passive Capillary Drainage is a breakthrough innovation that uses gravity and the wicking principle to solve drainage problems specific to the layered structure of greens. The installation process is fast, affordable, and extremely non-invasive when compared to other drainage methods.

The installation process involves pulling 1” diameter fiberglass tubes with a stainless-steel mesh core through small slits in the green’s surface, and spacing between tubes can be as little as 3’. These slits heal quickly after rolling, and play can sometimes resume the same day as the installation.

Hollembeak takes extraordinary care during the process to minimize disruption of the green surface, providing you with a cost-effective, minimally invasive, and incredibly effective solution to your drainage problems.

Better Billy Bunker

Hollembeak Construction is Better Billy Bunker Certified—the best bunker construction method in the business. Messy and troublesome liners are replaced with a manufactured binder to hold the base gravel in place and allow water to pass through it for better drainage. This method has proven better at hundreds of courses in many varied climates across the world. And Hollembeak can install them. Click the logos below to view the clubs where we've installed Better Billy Bunkers.
Glen Oak Country Club logo Rich Harvest Farms logo Schaumburg Golf Club & Academy logo Cantigny Golf Club logo Biltmore Country Club logo Bryn Mawr Country Club logo Palatine Hills Golf Course

Grassing & Cart Paths

It's all in the details and when it comes down to turning your golf course green, Hollembeak Construction knows what it takes to provide perfect preparation for perfect turf. But perfect turf has to have a way to get around on it, and that’s where our expertise in cart pathing comes in. We’ll make sure traveling from hole to hole makes sense and looks great.

Outcropping Walls

Hollembeak Construction has extensive experience in constructing these beautiful and functional walls for golf courses throughout the region. Guarding against the forces of nature and at the same time adding challenge and aesthetics to your course, outcropping walls add value to your property by protecting and enhancing your course’s natural beauty.

Tech Services

Laser Tee Leveling

Using the traditional transit method to level your tees, you can spend two to three days leveling a tee. With our laser-guided, dual-slope leveling equipment, we can level a tee with just a few passes and reduce construction time from days to hours. The box blade produces a flawless surface, and our electronic squaring tools will align your tee to the centerline of the hole every time. No more guessing. This method also maximizes your teeing area.

GPS Mapping

We use Trimble GPS Mapping-grade equipment to measure all of our work, thereby providing our customer with an accurate-as-built representation of the project.

When ultimate accuracy is needed, we use Topcon Survey Grade GPS for staking, layout, and record drawings.

Hollembeak Construction even has the ability to model your greens in 3D. Using millimeter GPS to record thousands of elevations on the green surface, this data can then be used to create a 3D model of the surface and provide a slope analysis. Slope analysis will show you where your greens are too flat for proper drainage or too steep to hold a shot. Careful application of this data will ensure that you have plenty of options for pin placement.

GPS technology, along with laser control, also allows us to re-build greens with pinpoint accuracy so that all the green layers are consistent. This eliminates the chance of causing wet and dry zones in greens because of too thick or too thin root-zone profiles.

Pond Dredging

Our company began in the earthwork business, and we have been dredging ponds the traditional way for over 40 years. Why? Because when it comes time to really clean out a pond, dredging works. Other methods simply aren’t as effective or long-lasting. If it is necessary to haul debris across your course, we will use our floatation-tire wagons and trucks to minimize turf damage.

Site Infrastructure Development

Hollembeak Construction’s knowledge in the earthwork business goes back four generations. We have performed site development and infrastructure work for such prestigious clubhouses as those at Mistwood Golf Course and Rich Harvest Farms.